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    Have You Ever Wondered How Average Looking Guys End Up With Amazing Girls Like Gal Gadot, Beyoncé or Scarlett Johansson?

    … Whilst You’ve Spent Years Working Out,Reading PUA forums, But Still Have No GF!

  • You’ve spent years in the gym busting your ass, reading all sorts of books, blogs and forums on how to pick up a girl, but these average (ugly) looking guys will get that girl you wand in a blink of an eye with only a couple words.Why is that?

    You start feeling there’s something wrong with you. Like there’s something wrong with your genetics.

    All you want to have is that special set of skills that gets you noticed. That gets you respect. That proves that you’re a man who ACHIEVES what you set your mind to.

    You see girls like Gal Gadot, Beyoncé, or Scarlett Johansson that men all over the world LOVE, with AVERAGE-looking men.

    You don’t want to have something “similar”. You don’t JUST want a girlfriend. You don’t JUST want to get laid.

  • You literally WANT AN AWESOME GIRLFRIEND,and you won’t settle for less

    Heck… how hard can it be?

    You’ve worked out for YEARS, so you’re not in bad shape. You’ve done your research, and you know a LOT about taking care of a girl needs.

    You’ve read so much on how to picking up girls, that you probably know more than the gurus teaching it.

    Despite your vast knowledge… your success is still “average”.

    Sure you’ve talked to SOME girls, and probably even got SOME phone numbers because you have a pretty face or a nice looking body over the years.


    Even your best friend doesn’t think you could actually get a girl to meet you a second time, let alone she accept to be your GF…

    My friends would watch me try so hard. But not get the girl I’ve liked.

    They would say stuff like … “quit you’re not good at it”

    But I’d put up with their taunts because my will power was stronger than that.

    Yet after years of that crap I still had a hard time talking to those astonishing girls.

    None of them noticed me. I didn’t make an impression. At least not the one I’ve wanted.

    But what REALLY got to me was that pretty Hollywood actresses and singers dated average looking men.

    And EVERYONE gets jealous on them.

    Women won’t stop gushing over how damn attractive those guys are, and men envy them wondering how they did it.

    Everyone is OBSESSED with these women, but they only want those guys…

    They get SO MUCH respect from other guys for those women.

    While you look 10x better, and no one gives a shit about your personality.

    It’s damn frustrating, and truly demotivating…trust me I know!

    All you want is to stand out like those guys… to achieve EXTRAORDINARY results that most men NEVER do … so you can get the same kind of attention and respect.

    You want people to be IMPRESSED with your gf. You want your GF to be a status symbol of the kind of intelligent hard worker you truly are.

    Not the failure you feel like right now.

    I know how you feel because I felt like a failure to.

    I was FED UP and ready for a CHANGE, and I was ready to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to get those results.

    I just need something NEW. Something DIFFERENT. Something that didn’t just tell me what I already knew.

    If you’re a regular, decent looking guy and you’re fed up with working your ass of in the gym, or reading all sort of junk advice online then you NEED this more than you need oxygen to breath…

    If you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get a beautiful girlfriend like you’ve always wanted then enter your name and email address below to see the plan that worked for me…

    See you inside, 

    - Mike Reynolds

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