[Online Technique]: Take Her For a Mini-Vacation – It’s Free!

In the matter of online dating, you, as men, make three huge mistakes:

You bore.

You brag.

You beg.

But here, of all places, you don’t need to beg: women search online To Meet Up With YOU! They Want You.

Online Dating is UNLIKE bars and clubs.

They’re going to bars because they’re bored, or their boyfriends are on vacation, or they really want attention – or in the situation of one lover of mine – only to f*&k with guys for fun (she told a Lakers fan her nipples were painted gold and purple – and left him standing there, speechless).

By contrast, women go online which has a SPECIFIC NEED and also a DESIRE.

They WANT you.

However, you write profiles or send letters that BEG for approval or attention – rather than remove theirs…

I’ve been building a list of techniques that help you flip the power equation back into your favor – so you never appear the beggar.

Here’s one…


Essentially the most powerful ways to open her imagination and draw her to you would be to create a “mini-vacation” for her in the mind.

I’ll offer you an example bear in mind – the following is not intended for your male brain but her FEMALE brain. If I was hoping to get your attention, I’d say something about a lounge chair, ice cold beer and nothing but spare time.

But this mini-vacation is just not for you. It’s for her. You wish to specific include triggers for female yearning…

Here’s one I wrote…


“I love my life and I want to share it. I want to walk hand-in-hand in Paris in a light, morning drizzle just as the shopkeepers open their powder-blue shutters and also the smell of baking bread pours into the streets…“


In my opinion, this can be a compelling romantic image, and honestly, I’ve had this moment, and I wouldn’t mind having it again. I left out the part in regards to a light film of snow, also blue each morning light – because you can overdo it, after all.

But for profile purposes – it is replete with important triggers to awaken the yearning female heart…

1. I start with fulfillment – I am not BEGGING or NEEDING someone – I already “love my life”

2. I put us “hand-in-hand” already. We’re already there! I painted her into my picure, wrote her into my script. Two seconds ago, she was alone in her cold bed, looking at her computer. Now she has a warm hand in hers, strolling the streets of Paris.

3. I create a scene with SPECIFIC details – the light drizzle (not “rain”), the “powder blue shutters” not “doors,” and of course that good old smell of baking bread – which every real estate agent knows is the hearthy aroma of home and safety.

Are you aware the amount of emails I got out of this paragraph alone? “I want to go to Paris” “I can almost smell the bread!” “I love

Paris too and wish to go back” not to mention the standard, “you are an awesome writer…” emails.

This can be achieved, too.

You must:

1. Be already happy and the leader in your life. You are inviting her into a better life.

2. Paint her in to the picture along with you.

3. Use specific, sensory imagery – the more concrete, the better. Avoid abstract terms like “beautiful” and tend more toward powder blues and bread aromas.

This isn’t hard.

You just have to apply it.

Understand how you can here: www.DeepAttractionOnline.com

– Ton Ami, Adam

p.s. have you painted a scene and had women respond? Drop your wisdom in the COMMENTS section below and share the wealth!

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