5 Tips On How To Overcome The Fear Of Women – A Guy’s Approach

how to overcome fearLet’s face it, in today’s world, confidence is key to success. Whether in the business field, the political field or the social field, confidence has been proven to be a strong barrier between failure and success. One of the most influenced areas by confidence itself is the social field. Socially, people with higher self-esteem usually have a higher amount of relationships, whether romantic or not. That is why it is extremely important that a guy that wants to get a girlfriend gets the necessary self-confidence needed to overcome the fear of approaching and talking with women.

Here are a few tips on how to overcome fear of women:

– Practice, Rractice And Some More Practice:

Just like sports, in order to succeed with women, practice is necessary. Don’t listen to all those that claim that being spontaneous is good enough. Guess what? It isn’t! In order to overcome the fear of women and approaching and talking to them, it is necessary that you practice it. Whether it is to the mirror in your room, to a toy or to a friend that may help, practicing the art of flirting with women gets so much better when practice is employed.

– Feel Good With Yourself:

How are you ever going to get a girl to like you if you don’t like yourself? Feeling good with yourself is one of the most important steps in overcoming the fear of approaching women. First of all, dressing well is a necessity. So, go out and buy some elegant clothes that fit you best and highlighten your best characteristics. Aside from dressing, make sure that you smell good, and not like an animal! No, smelling ‘natural’ is not “manly”, so buy some high quality cologne and put it on you! Make sure you trim your facial hair as well, not to mention showering.

– Get Some Sense Of Humor:

Girls love guys that can make them laugh, so take that to your advantage. One way that in how you can overcome fear is by implementing humor into your opening lines. No, that doesn’t mean that you have to make a stand-up comedy show when you approach a girl, it just means that you start off with a funny approach.

These may include pick up lines or just a recent joke you’ve heard. If you see that the girl is liking your tone, continue on to speak with her, if you feel that the funny approach has gotten you into an awkward situation, try to escape elegantly by making an excuse such as “I thought you were someone else, sorry” or “Sorry, gotta run, sorry couldn’t make you laugh” , any escape that will help you keep a bit of your dignity will do the job!

– Girls Are Humans, Just Like You:

The biggest mistake men tend to make is getting intimidated by women, often elevating the females to a level that makes them feel inferior. Well, you’re not inferior! Women are just like you, and most likely feel intimidated by men as much as you are by them, sometimes even to a larger extent.

Try to block their makeup, hair and general beauty off of your mind, making sure that you feel as superior as they do in your eyes. Ultimately, when that mindset will sick in, you’ll feel that approaching women is not as hard as you thought it was, since they don’t feel superior to you anymore.

– Employ the ‘Just Do It’ Routine:

If all of the rest doesn’t work or doesn’t help enough, you are probably left with the one and only – ‘just do it’ routine. This means that whenever you spot a girl/women that you like and would want to approach but fear to do so – just do it! It’s as simple as that. Forget about the outcome, forget about the awkwardness that may arise, forget about what she might say, just get the energy and confidence you need and just do it spontaneously. Those who just act on their emotions always get more results, as they approach more.

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that in order to succeed, one must fail. No matter if you’ve failed an approach, you’ll succeed with the next one. The more women you approach, the more chances you have of succeeding with them. So, what are you waiting for? Start hunting today!


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