3 Ways To Attract Women

how to attract womenMany men are looking for the best ways to attract members of the opposite sex, and there are plenty of people who claim to have the answers. In reality, not every man can be George Clooney, so already the odds are not looking great.

However, there are some easy steps to follow to increase any man’s chances, and they really are easy.

One of the first things to understand is that to attract women is essentially to look appealing. In that sense, attracting women is similar to attracting anyone, whether it be for personal reasons, business purposes, and so on.

The idea here is that first impressions are key. Most women will know plenty about any man just by looking at them, so to create the best possible first impression, looks are not just important, they’re (nearly) everything.

1) Getting Into Shape

Not every person can be blessed with natural Hollywood style looks, but that doesn’t mean a man can’t look attractive. One of the best ways to start looking good is to get into shape. As mentioned before, many first impressions will be based a lot on looks, but keep in mind, it’s not solely the look that will be the judge, but what the look implies.

Staying in shape means that you care for your body, are conscious about health, and enjoy staying active. This says a lot about any person, possibly even more than the appearance itself.

That’s not to say that appearances don’t help though. Getting into a steady workout routine, coupled with a healthy diet, can help any man look great in a matter of time. Sure the results may require some patience, and certainly some effort, but this turnaround does wonders.

Women will always notice a man with a strong, masculine physique before the guy with the beer gut; it’s just natural. This doesn’t mean personality is irrelevant, it only means that good physical health means more attention, without even saying a word (and who doesn’t want that?).

2) Style

Similar to good health, a good sense of style will say more than you know to just about any woman. Showing that you can get yourself dressed to look your best means you care enough to do so. For many women, showing off this sense of style tells them you know what kind of clothing goes with what, and it shows close attention to detail.

If there’s anything that women like in a man, it’s the ability to notice little differences and the importance of keeping yourself looking good.

Again, this isn’t meant to be shallow, as a good sense of style speaks volumes. A proper outfit draws attention, but it also shows a sense of maturity, and a style know-how usually implies a man of higher complexity. Women love a man who can show that he is, in fact, a man, and a proper wardrobe can do just that.

3) Attitude

Having the right attitude is necessary for meeting any person, not just women. Coming across as arrogant or uninterested can mean a terrible first impression, so it’s necessary to maintain a happy and comfortable essence about you.

Maintaining this type of status will allow any man to appear more inviting, and for women who are looking for the right guy, being able to approach you, or being approached by you, will be of huge significance. This can’t be done if you seem angry or cocky, so having a good and positive attitude about you will leave the door wide open for any female interest.

Acquiring these three steps can take time, but they will pay off. To understand them better, put yourself in the opposite position for a moment. In front of you are two women, one who is out of shape, dressed poorly, and looks angry and uninviting.

The other is physically fit, dressed to impress, and carries a smile that beams positivity. Which one would you approach?

The first impression is vital, and these three steps will help any man take that first step to getting there. Better yet, they can act as a linear process. A good physique means a better ability to wear fitted clothing, and looking good with the first two steps will lead to an increase in confidence, creating a positive attitude that can be felt by anyone. With this easy process, any man can attract any woman, and all it’ll take is some time and effort.


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