FAQ – How To Get A Girlfriend

A lot of people consider getting the girl of their dreams a hard tedious work, with little to no chances for success. This is because they are confused regarding the subject. I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about getting a girlfriend, the one that you WANT.

How do I meet the girl of my dreams?

In order to meet your dream girl, you need to know what you are looking in a girl. A good idea is to define in resonable terms the qualities, features, or any specifics that you wish to attract in a future girlfriend. Setting a realistic goal will ease the path to accomplishing it.

I am shy, what should I do to get over it?

Being shy is a problem that even the most popular people have, even they don’t show it. The real issue is not about being shy, is about what you can do to hide it in a manner that makes you more attractive, and interesting. Thinking about your qualities and past accomplishments will help you build your confidence. Start with little things like talking with people you usually meet, but don’t talk to, for example ‘colleagues at work from a different floor’. Looking the person in the eyes diminishes shyness as well.

How do I open up a conversation?

Once you can say ‘Hi’ to a girl, without being shy, the next thing is to open a conversation in a friendly manner. You can start by saying that you think she looks very similar to a friend of yours whom birthday will be soon, and you need help picking up a gift since you forgot to buy one for her. That will open up a conversation in a non-pushy way, and will make her feel good about you comparing to your friend, and trusting her opinion on picking up a proper gift. The conversation should flow easily after that, because you settled an anchor to wich you can come back at any time. Being sincerely interested by her person and opinions will ease your path to achieving your goal

Okay, what do I do next?

Once you have started a conversation with the girl of your dreams, get to know her by really listening what she says. If the conversation was a pleasant one, and if she agrees on that, ask for her number to continue it on a different day.

Rinse and repeat, try different approaches and learn from your mistakes. Nobody can guarantee your success on the first try, but in order to get the girl of your dreams you have to meet girls. There is no other way around it.

That is your goal!

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